With LA comes new clues…

Lawrence : LA Day 1

It’s only my first full day here and I can’t believe how much I’ve found out. I’ve been digging up Groom’s tracks from when he was here a few weeks back and man, have I hit the jackpot. I now know who sent that ransom note to our agency and why they sent it to us. The first bit of evidence I found was a simple picture in the room where Groom was staying… a picture that speaks a thousand words in the most literal sense.

misha, paul and jim

So Misha, Paul, and Jim obviously are friends. How they got to be so? I didn’t know…not until I uncovered these next bits of evidence. I was able to tap into the ISP address of the hotel computer where Groom was staying to get his incoming and outgoing emails. There was also another strong computer connection that was unknown to me but I was able to tell that they were coming from around the same area so I investigated further…

It’s evident that there was a love triangle going on. Very evident by these emails.






It doesn’t look like Groom responded to that last email…but that would explain why Groom sent that postcard to Misha fearing his safety. It’s starting to come together…but why did someone kidnap Groom and take him to LA? I don’t know. I’m sure we will find out soon enough…





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