More Emails? Russians, Let Me Tell You

Alright, after that first email, I ended up getting back in touch with the Russian, and tried to get more information out of him about this Hit. I wanted practical things, like who is this guy? Where is he? Why did he deserve to die? Take a look at what happened. ( I even added cute stationary cause that’s just the kind of girl I am. )

From V to R 1 Russian           Screenshot 2015-04-09 21.14.56



letter 2 from russian in russian         letter 2 from russian translated

Long story short, he refused to answer any of my questions even though I did him the courtesy of speaking to him in his own language. What gives? Rude. He even had the gall to question me about my professionalism in this matter. Look, I get your hit is your business. But there are some information that I need to know.  Looks like I’m going to have to go in solo and see what I can find about this guy. I’ll enlist Shirley’s help to get info on this Bond character. This whole case is testing my patience.

I decided to do a series of voice memos about this stuff, to help me think.


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