The Peeps Are On The Case

Alright crime followers Hit Me is on the case.

We have mobilized into action regrading the cryptic request and clues sent to us by Martha. Here’s the link to the clues:

Veronica and Lawrence moved in first. Veronica is holding down the fort in New York, while Lawrence moved out early to L.A. They established a love triangle between Groom, Bond and this Misha girl. You should see their update posts- it’s incredible what they’ve uncovered so far. But, they don’t call us professionals for nothing.

In the meantime, I, Victoire, have received a different assignment. Or so it would seem. A Russian man has requested a hit on a dude named Bond…. He isn’t giving me a whole lot of information to work off of. I’m good, but I’m not that good.

It might end up that I will have to do some questionable detective work (hey, it’s only illegal if you get caught) and have to fly out to location myself to figure out what’s happening. Hey, I know that i should take the money and not question, but my intuition is nagging at me that these two cases might be connected and I need to know so I can reconnect with Veronica so she can put together all the pieces that we are all missing.

Shirley is so far chilling, waiting for something to happen. She’s getting a strange feeling about this Misha character and is going to start investigating that part of the case. We’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

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