Who The Hell Writes Letters Anymore?!






letter to groom


Ok so here’s the scoop, people. So I found out about the Russian guy from my Bond investigation. I decided to leave Bond alone, mainly because I lost interest. I know I’m “supposed” to Hit Bond and get him out of the way, but let’s be real I don’t really care either way, I just bought this dress, and the Russian was far more interesting.

So, after finding out that there was a possible connection between Misha and the Russian, I went ahead and ditched out of Bond’s vicinity and traveled a bit outside the city to think. And to drink. Apparently this hotel’s cocktails are the bees knees and I have to be honest they are pretty great.

Moving on.

So, give me a minute to explain how I got this crumpled up note with extremely good penmanship. I’m cruising along the highway in my “rental” (it’s not a rental not sayin’ just sayin’) feeling pretty fly and good about life. I happen upon this outside diner, and I thought I would stop by.

ok- I know a lot of this case has been purely accidental for me. I have no idea why things are happening as they are, they just are, ok?!

Basically, I roll in and find GROOM eating with some strange man. My first reaction was to be stunned. The second to try to document as much as possible about this event and to figure out why he was there in the first place. I tried to take a picture on the sly but I think they saw me. The other guy seems to know who I am- I hightailed it to the kitchen and waited till they were gone. I was hiding in that kitchen for awhile, let me tell you. I paid the chef off to let me stay there without being seen to have first dibs at their table when they left.


I searched through the table and found your normal stuff- but at the last minute I found a crumpled piece of paper under a chair. That was the letter. The Russian must have passed it to Groom under the table. One thing’s for sure. The Russian and Groom both have a clue about the danger Groom is in. The question is, how?

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