Shit- my cover’s been blown. Let me start at the beginning. So I got those emails from this Russian dude, and he wasn’t giving me a damn thing. So I went out to LA- I had a gut feeling that this was directly related to Lawrence’s case. (Plus I missed that boy but don’t you […]

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In Soviet Russia Facebook Friends You

So, take a look at this email I received a couple days ago. It’s in Russian, but I have and ex flame that was Russian who owes me a couple of favors. It’s a bit blurry, but I think you get the picture.

letter 1 from russian to hit me

translated letter 1 from russian

I got the emails and was floored. Sure, usually you get a request for a Hit. But you also get some long winded story about how somebody broke somebody’s heart, or ruined somebody’s life. But this? This was surprisingly vague.

Here’s a voice memo- it helps me think.

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