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Are you sure you want to contact us? Once you request our service, you can’t go back. For more specifics about our “hits” email or tweet us at @HitMe4Life… But first ask yourself, Can you afford us?

In order for us to consider you as a potential client, you must first fill out this questionnaire for information purposes. The questionnaire can be found here.


Please specify which executive you would like to get in touch with, and said executive will contact you as soon as possible.

Veronica Smith: @VeronicaRed40 ; Email:

Victoire Absinthe: @VAsinthe

Lawrence Spitler- Twitter: @LawrenceSpitler ; Email:

Shirley Mayfield: @surelytishirley ; Email:

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2 thoughts on “Contact Form

  1. Hey. . I was looking for a contact form for your agency. I guess this is where I should leave this?

    Anyway, I really need your help. It’s time to get to the bottom of the question about what Jim Groom was up to in “L.A.” I’ve put together everything I know here:

    I’m not sure if this is exactly your area of expertise. It’s a bit unclear what you do, actually. . .but with so many talented people on your staff, I’m sure you’ll figure something out.


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